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Hongkai was founded in 2005. Is a engaged in precision stamping die manufacturing, precision mold machining parts, precision tungsten steel parts processing, and production of stamping parts of the professional factory……
Hongkai commitment to the precision stamping die of automobile industry, household appliances, electronic and electrical appliances, motor, OA equipment, communications equipment, medical equipment, electro acoustic
Our business scope is comprehensive, the type is rich and has the flexibility. Hongkai company for customers to provide various types of: a set of stamping die design and manufacturing, precision mold parts processing, production of
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Mold failure is the most prone problem in the production ...

Nowadays, various promotions in the hardware market are constantly going on. This one has done the w

The stator core of the machine is one of the important components of the motor, and its quality dire

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E-mail: gm@hkmold.cc TEL: 086-769-38825366 粤ICP备13065074号
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